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To try and offer you a unique tattoo;

most of my DRAWINGS  are offered to be INKED ONCE ;

-unless mentioned otherwise,

-it’s been adapted


-the first “claimer” doesn’t mind sharing with one or two peeps. 


I have MORE designs and flash, for you to browse through,

at my studio:

Feel free to pop-in during an  OPEN HOUSE


If you see a design that has already been inked or “claimed” in the past,

and you wonder it’s availability…don’t be afraid to contact me…


If you stumble upon any drawing I made but it’s not on offer as a tattoo,

and you are interested in having it inked, then feel free to contact me!


If you are looking for something in particular,

and wonder if I might have a drawing that aligns…contact me!


If you have any other questions, requests,

or in need of illumination…

then again;

feel free to  CONTACT ME 


(*I might reproduce some designs in an other, yet limited way, aside from reproduction on skin (for ex; print))

the house of dis
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