Hi there!

Would you like to carry one of my drawings?


Feel free to check the “WALL” for fresh designs!

The drawings are inked only once (or twice*); giving you a unique tattoo

The “WALL” is used sporadically. When I have a fresh design, I’ll upload it there


I also have 3 other ways for you to get a tattoo-design online, 

-for which I prefer not to use “the wall” –

So, I would love to invite you to sometimes check: 

my “secret” garden, 

some “shared little stories 

and the Noodle Doodle Pix&mix

I also have some smaller designs + fillers (‘market flash’) -available at the House- for you to browse through

Feel free to pop-in during an OPEN HOUSE


*If you like a design that has already been claimed or inked, let me know and I’ll ask the ‘inked one’ if they are willing to share the design with you  – (When shared, small adaptations can surely be discussed). Keep in mind; the ‘inked one’ has the right to refuse

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