Welcome to the place that houses a bunch of my artistic endeavors!


Creating is exploring and I seem not able to restrict myself by treading through just one “alley”…

Result; this “menagerie of activity” (though it is all a bit interlinked)


I like to let my imagination run free, and see where and how it comes to its own…


As a TATTOOIST, I offer my designs for inking (flash-“ish”).

It might seem a little strange, but I’m convinced that I am drawing for someone out there;

without actually knowing for whom…so

if any design “speaks” to you, feel free to CLAIM IT!


I’ve also got a “small project on the side” called


so, if you are not weary to descend into a little rabbit hole; feel free to EXPLORE IT!


Every now and then, my HOUSE is OPEN for random visitors, so 

if you have any questions you’d like to ask in person; 

if you would like to browse through more available designs; 

if you would like to see what else I might have on offer or display; 

or you would just like to say hi… 

you are hereby very welcome to VISIT!


Gratefully, playfully, yours,

Nora Dhu ASTER

the house of dis Nora Dhu aster
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