the house of dis noradhu aster

Do you feel inspired or Do you feel like inspiring me?

Then feel free to deposit a flash-suggestion in the red box at the shop!

Here is how it works:

Fill in the form that you’ll find near “the Box”


I’ll want just 3 words from you! 

For example:

fish – mountain – moon


carnival – woman – feather


melancholy – green – love

That’s it!

Don’t go further into detail (remember; this is not a custom-design!)

If it triggers me, I will make something and present it to you. You are then free to decide whether you would like to have it inked…or not. 

I might draw just one design or I might draw more…either way; you’ll get first choice!

The flash you eventually don’t choose, will be put available on the Wall

You will know within 2 weeks -after your drop- whether or not your words inspired 

the house of dis noradhu aster
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