Yoga Beastie (printable)

3,50 (VAT incl.)

Keep yourself childishly busy,



  • A4 format high resolution Beastie
  • A4 format high resolution Background for spoken Beastie


Printables are high-resolution files made to be downloaded & printed out. DIY= do it yourself. A little more craftsy, a little more fun!

After purchase, you will receive an email with a download link. The zip-file will automatically download to your download-files on the device you are using when you hit the link.

You can print the beastie, using a home office printer or nearby copy-shop. I would suggest using thinker printing paper (up to 150gr for home-office-printing – or up to 180gr or more from your local copyshop)

And, off course, know that the design is for your personal, non-commercial, use. To be printed once or twice. Something else may not be done with them without my consent or you risk copyright infrigment. Our transaction is thus based on trust.

All digital sales are final, and returns or refunds are not possible after purchase. But feel absolutely free to CONTACT me if you have any questions, or unsolvable troubles. I will certainly try to help you if you need me to help you!

So, test things out and enjoy your printable beastie!

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