How this Works? Simple!

If you see a design that absolutely fits you

Hit “I want it!”

and it will automatically go “on hold”

Fill out and Send the attached form

(Hit ‘cancel’ if you’ve changed your mind…Don’t leave it “on hold” unnecessarily!)

The form is not binding at this stage.

Once I received your form, we will exchange details.

Changed your mind after you’ve sent the form?

No worries; let me know after I’ve reached out to you!


*one-off flashIf you like a design that has already been inked, let me know and I’ll ask the ‘inked one’ if they are willing to share the design with you  – (When shared, small adaptations can surely be discussed). Keep in mind; the ‘inked one’ has the right to refuse

**please know that any given design might, and I say might, be reproduced in an other way -besides reproduction on skin- in the non-foreseeable future… 

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