If you are interested in something (tattoo or artsy stuff) that pops-up on the wall :

  • Hit “claim” and it will automatically go “on hold”.
  • FILL IN and SEND the attached form. It is NOT BINDING at this stage. Once I receive it, we will exchange details. Changed your mind after you’ve sent the form? No worries; let me know after I’ve reached out to you…

It’s as easy as that!

*a design with a cross means it is not available for tattooing any more. The drawings are inked only once, but know; I mìght reproduce any given design in an other (yet still very limited) way; print, artwork, stuff…

(If you need to refresh the wall, hit “wall” in the menu again…)

You are convinced you want a Noodle Doodle. You trust that Fortune is on your side. Then feel free to book a “NoDo Pick & Ink” -Session!

For inquiries: contact me.

Write “pick & ink” in your mail.

and I will explain,

the rules of this game…

*not exclusive, but limited.

“The emergence of botanical illustration as a genre of art dates back to the 15th century, when herbals (…) were printed containing illustrations of flowers. Florilegia flourished in the 17th century when they were created to portray rare and exotic plants from far afield. Modern florilegia seek to record collections of plants (…) from within a particular garden or place…” (wikipedia: Florilegium)

Wanna check the House Florilegia and pick one for inking?

Contact me. Don’t forget to add ‘see the flowers’ in your writing!

the house of dis noradhu


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