You have found the place that houses most of my ‘artistic’ endeavors…

where I mainly draw and Ink one-off and limited Flash (INFO)


whilst I sometimes get lost in a ‘kooky’ place

 -The City Of Dismania-


Feel free to also check the “mini(m)art” for some of my

multichromatic merch, crafted stuff and “city” curiosities!


Most Days are Reserved for private tattoo-sessions

Every so often the HOUSE is OPEN for random visitation

In case you feel curious, have any unresolved questions, in need of illumination,

or to find out what else I might have on offer… 

= next : Saturday 11 February from 16h till 18u


The House Of Dis

Knikkersteeg 4

9620 Zottegem





Right Here!


Gratefully, Playfully, yours,

Nora Dhu Aster 

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