the house of dis noradhu aster

THE HOUSE OF DIS functions as a tattoo-parlor/little “gallery”… In other words; the place that houses most of my endeavors…

I’ve been tattooing for over a decade and in the meantime things slowly grew into this “frisky-inky-artsy”-place I call home

The House also houses a part of my “small” side-project called the CITY OF DISMANIA. At the online ‘MINIMART’ you can find some “artifacts” and other CITY-curiosities…Curious? Check XTRA in menu or visit the shop during opening hours to discover a part of it!

-tip to the visitor: “The Devil is in The Details”



@the_house_of_dis  /   @cityofdismania



Gratefully, playfully, yours

NoraDhu Aster

the house of dis
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