The custom-tattoo calendar is fully booked for 2016.

If you would like to submit your idea(s), you are still welcome to do so using the form below!

I will be working with a limited waiting-list for 2017. Unfortunately I will not be able to accept every request…
If I do not answer within 2 weeks of your submission, it means that I most likely don’t think I am the right artist for you…

if you would like me to make a custom tattoodesign, make sure one of my styles featured on the site appeals to you, because i will translate your idea (or theme) into one of these ‘atmospheres’… (they might evolve over time…people (mostly) do too ;))

Dhudles patching is mostely flashwork but can be made custom as well.

Thank you for your patience and your trust!

Please read, before you mail. Thnx!

How does it work at ‘the House’ for a tat?

In our House there is a wall.

On that wall there hang some flash.

When our house is open, you can come in and ‘claim’ your flash.

You can book it and then…it is yours and yours alone!

(cause every design is claimed and placed only once (unless mentioned otherwise)).

 So…feel free to come to the next ‘Open House’

or visit the shop during opening hours)…

or occasionally check my social media for new designs or ideas.

My calendar/list for custom-ideas is fully booked, so closed until further notice…

All of this, to keep oversight, less admin, shorter waiting-time,

and an experience that is more an exchange that an assignment 😉

To keep things fresh, exclusive and with room to evolve.

Thnx for your trust

With love,

Aster aka Nora DHu