Trapstraat 33, 9620 Zottegem, Belgium

‘the house of dis’ is based in zottegem (belgium) and is the homeport of Nora Dhu (inking since 2010) and since late welcomed Thierry the Barber (shaving since 1974, professionally since 2016)

For more pictures, designs in search of an owner, updates or news make sure to follow the ‘social scene’

Interested in a Nora Dhu Tattoo? (See envelope for more info)

Like an appointment with Barber Thierry? call: 0476 24 11 63

You are always welcome to come in and have a look at some of my flashwork & ready made designs in search of an owner!


Tue – fri : 11h – 17u

Sat : 11u – 16u

Single use of needles and al disposable materials

no pets, no drinking, no smoking, no singing, no dancing, no swearing…this is a respectable House 😉